Zen Habits

My own set of morning zen habits, the things I do every day to make the goal setting activities happen.

These three activities give energy to my particular brand of happiness, in order for me to live the life I love, which is to be publishing my work, be lean and fit, which both feed me being happy and generous in all my love and friendship and community relationships.

Morning Support Habits: I start with these three at somewhere between 5-6 a.m. always with an attitude of gratitude.

I am doing 15 minutes of yoga
I am doing 15 minutes of meditation
I am doing 15 minutes of free-writing

The yoga, meditation, free writing combination is 45 minutes and gives direction to my day, and each activity gives energy to the next. The yoga wakes me up, gets me grounded in the earth, in my higher power and in myself, and then I start pointing myself towards how I want my day to go. The meditation gets me receptive, tuning me into purpose, desire and what’s beyond my piddly imagination. The free-writing is for me, an intimate pen-paper-Kathryn combo that feeds my later creativity.

Throughout the Day Support Habits:

Water and tea only between meals.
Eat at 8-12-4.
EFT when I go to the bathroom. (Tapping on body’s meridians, evolving ideas that work towards your goal, each place on body getting closer to your
goal. Theme: The reality of where you are and self-acceptance.) I keep track of it all in my agenda with lists, then read and mark off what I’ve done.

Zen Habits. At first I thought the following were the activities I needed to do every morning to make my goals happen, but as I reread the habits I realized these rituals added up to the life I wanted to live–being fit, published and rolling with my people, so every day I write for hours, I exercise hard and I eat my own version plant-based lean.

A toast lovelies! To creating the life we want with our everyday zen habits!

Love and Lettuce,

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