You Just Don’t Want it Bad Enough: Creating Changes that Last


Seriously, this green healthy thing–it’s really my life. Just now I finished my pureed greens topped with oats, chia seeds and banana, whipped together in a snap, after I got home from my early morning gym workout. Today–legs.

As I write you, I can hear my guy game-planning the day with one of his crew, his deep gravelly voice sorting through the short list he corralled onto lined paper late last night.

In a couple of minutes, after I’m done talking with you, I’ll “settle in” some of that strength training with some light yoga. (Stretching is supposed to help with both muscle gain and recovery.) I know I should have done the yoga before eating, but I was starving when I got home and I did take care to keep the breakfast very light, so I’ll get in a quick yoga-stretch before I head off over the snow-dusted roads to the day job that pays the mortgage.

This is the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I feel lucid, strong and slowly feeling my way towards my particular brand of lean: muscular power; curvy, small-waist-ed feminine; jogging around the disc golf course un-winded; undaunted; twelve pain-free hiking miles. Yeah, that’s my heavy-hitting long definition of “lean.”

It’s easy to start this getting healthy-happy thing–but what brings about real and lasting change? What about when I feel restless and everything in me wants to reach for the gigantic chocolate cookie that will steal my clarity, give me belly-pooching gas and tomato-faced hot flashes. Ewe…right? Food is my hook for sure. Is it yours?

What motivates us to change? I want the usual things: to be slim and attractive; to have vibrant health; to be pain free; to live longer; to have mental clarity; to have youthful energy. You want any of these?

But wanting wasn’t enough. Though it seems like any one of those would be enough motivation to whip up some discipline and forego the extra helping or get to the gym–they simply were not. And, I’ve been disgusted with myself for as long as I can remember, considering myself weak-willed because none of those quality-of-life states of being were enough to get me to lose those extra ten to fifteen pounds. Maybe you just don’t want it bad enough, one of my health gurus would say.

Maybe. Over the next three plus weeks, until the first day of spring, lets explore with what keeps us in the game–working towards our desires. For me: I’m a 110 pound vegan, yogi writer, which keeps me eating green, not snacking and getting to the gym, so I can live the life I like–light, lucid, lean, strong.

A toast beauties, to figuring out what makes us tick, to living the life we like.

Love and Lettuce,

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