Why These Zen Habits?

The alarm’s piano plunks out a simple melody while electronic birds chirp, “Dawn Chorus” the programmers call the tone. It’s 5 a.m. and I reach for the tablet posing as a cell phone, check the time and pull the “x” across the screen, silencing the alarm. I won’t oversleep because I’m awake and roll into the warmth and the good energy of the man laying next to me and for ten or so minutes open to the Divine and I listen.

Then I sort through my day, imagining my electronic calendar full or empty of clients, depending on what day of the week it is, then I go through my new daily rituals.

Morning: Yoga-meditate-free write.

Rest of the day: Drink water. Eat 8-12-4. Some sort of energy work.

All which hopefully add up to exercise and writing, which will lean me out and get me published. That was the plan anyway. But, as I’ve slowly sculpted out the life that really includes these habits, I realized something–I LIKE yoga, meditation, free writing, drinking water, doing energy work which inspires me to write and exercise. Right this very second, as I do each of these, I am living my dream.

Good for you, you say. Well, we all might choose our own healthy grooves, by experimenting, by trying on a few different lifestyles. It’s not super organic in the beginning. It’s a bit of a grind, with details like making lists, checking the list, leaving reminders, possibly even getting an accountability buddy.

And get this: It’s not just leaning out to 115# and nailing the book deal–it’s the life lived right at this moment, even when the clique chirping birds tells me its time to leave my warm bed. I’m glad as I walk through my day, having done my centering habits. I want to traipse among the brave, achieving souls who do such things. CEO’s. Leaders of small nations. Elite athletes. These are the types who start with morning routines like these.

Cheers lovelies, to feeling your way to your goals, all the while embracing the habits, routines and rituals that add up to your dream life.

Love and lettuce,

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