What I’ve Noticed in Two Weeks of Intermittent Fasting (IF)


What has occurred to me over these last couple of weeks have had a significant impact on my beliefs and behavior:

Hunger doesn’t hurt. I haven’t fainted.

Eating nothing is easier than eating less.

That line-in-the-sand, not eating past or before certain times has enabled… “a pause” I’ll call it, in my psyche, that has helped me make positive food choices during the “feeding times.”

I naturally drink a lot more water.

Caffeine helps with hunger. So does peppermint tea with wheat grass powder.

I am losing weight.

I have to be careful to eat planned meals and not keep eating until spacey-head feeling goes away.

Kombucha can give an immediate lift when feeling spacey. Most of the time I just have a little, maybe 2-4 oz.

I stay under 50 calories during non-eat/fasting times, which seems a little random but seems to work.

Yoga is even better in an empty or hungry state.

My desire to be lean is bigger than my craving to eat constantly.

Living lighter, getting leaner is a matter of honor and character for me. For doing what I said I would.

I almost like the feeling of being hungry now. That hunger means my body is burning something besides the glucose in my bloodstream from eating food—maybe consuming that ‘cush that is my belly instead!

That’s what I picture: my belly getting flatter; more hollowed out—as the perfect fuel (my fat) is consumed. My jaw is getting less square. My arms leaner. My calf muscles more defined. It’s almost like meditation. Breathe in. Feel the hunger. Breathe out. Eat the extra on my body. Lean into the growl. Smile that I’m doing what I said I would. Inhale the emptiness that runs from my belly to my throat. Yes. I’m getting leaner. I feel it. More clear-headed lucid. Yes. I’m also more beautiful. With each breath, with all my senses I picture these attributes. Hear my own voice. Taste the nutritious food. Touching my smooth, firm skin, I smell my own vibrant fresh musky scent.

A toast lovelies, to playing at the edges of hunger and beauty.

Love and Lettuce,

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