Happy Habits of a Lean Vegan

What I Can’t Live Without

What I Can’t Live Without

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Does what you really want get trampled by what you want right now? Ever wonder why the deepest life desire to be lean gets smothered in her sleep by the cheap foam pillow of a mid-afternoon craving?

One of my cravings is chocolate. I even say, “I can’t live without chocolate.” Can’t live without? That’s a little strong, isn’t it? What makes a normally reasonable woman say such a thing?

What if she believed some other crazy crap too? Like: I have to give up chocolate to be lean; I can’t seem to have just a little; Chocolate makes me fat; and it’s in my mouth before I realize it.

Let’s look a little deeper.

• Are any of these statements REALLY true?
• How can I know they are true?
• How does believing this make me feel?

I know, I’m pulling a Byron Katie (spiritual innovator) on you here. Habit.

Going a little further into “The Work.” What if we turned these statements on their heads?

• I desire chocolate but I can’t live without being lean.
• I CAN have just a little.
• Chocolate makes me lean.
• I absolutely know when chocolate is in my mouth.

How much of our existence is about what we agree to believe? Yep: A-g-r-e-e. I look at these new turned-on-their-head statements and I think…they are actually truer! Holy moly this stuff works!

What if I made another agreement with chocolate? Maybe this week I might try on: “Chocolate makes me lean.” Followed closely by, “I can’t live without being lean (healthy).”

Cheers Lovelies—to new agreements and living into our deepest desires.

Love and lettuce,