What Does Sitting Under a Tree Have to do with Diet?

It’s so easy to notice what’s wrong, especially when considering our very mortal and imperfect bodies.

I have always (since I was nine) loved to cook. I have always loved to eat. And, I’ve spent a lifetime setting weight-loss/fitness/health goals. I’ve spent a lifetime scolding myself for not meeting my goals…

What if getting really healthy/lean/fit came from self-knowledge? Or even more boldly: self-love? And, lovingly nourishing ourselves and meeting our true desires? And meeting our true needs? Where would this awareness begin?

Maybe in a beautiful place. Maybe in the quiet inquiry of a still mind and the awareness of the deep, wide experience of this body, in this physical plane. With this body I can smell the perfume of my young child’s hair, kiss the lips of my lover and hold the hand of a dear friend. I can know the joy of eating a nourishing, delicious meal and experience life in a beautiful, healthy body.

In July, I spent a week with this old madrona, on Orcas Island, overlooking a body of water called Eastsound. She stood by me, as I quietly as I dropped into the recesses of my body and took a look around in there. In stillness, with an attitude of gratefulness and love, I explored, curious about all that came up while sitting there under that old tree. In that quietude, cradled in the presence of natural beauty, I began to really know some things about me. Instead of feeding the soul hunger with food, I started to feed it with listening, understanding and delight.



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