Weight Loss and Detox: A Conversation with Father Peter


Yesterday, I was talking to my friend of Nolee, aka Father Peter. He sat down with me and shook his head and let it settle into his hands, “detoxing,” was his one word explanation.

“You juicing again?” I asked. He nodded.

He, like me, has chosen a personal-physical revolution, though his is on a somewhat larger scale. He has released over 100 pounds so far. Somehow, pounds “lost” sounds odd to me, like weight has just somehow been misplaced, like, if Nolee goes hunting around his house, he might find it in his gym bag.

When I asked him what propelled him on this journey he said, “Like the Blues Brothers: I’m on a mission from God.” He went on to tell a story of his calling to become a priest. Then, his face dropped. “My wife and I separated.”

“I wanted her back,” he recalls, “and I wanted to play with my sons again.” Nolee, then 360 pounds, is both a spiritual leader and a man who simply loves a woman. He decided at the onset of his decision to lose weight, he wanted a better life.

“I sucked,” he admits. A woman Nolee calls “The Juice Lady” helped Nolee get started with juicing and got him the Bella juicer. The pain of losing love propelled him into a quest to reclaim his health. What started as a physical journey, then expanded to other areas of his life.

“So, what’s up with you?” Nolee’s big, brown eyes settled on me with direct inquiry. I thought for a while. I was restlessness. I was irritable. Maybe I was detoxing too.

“Detoxing? Nolee, tell me more about that.” We talked about physical symptoms like nausea, fatigue and feeling a little cranky. He says his spiritual mentor recommends he not make any major decisions, nor try to problem solve when in the detoxification phase of his juice fast.

“Things come up,” he says simply.

“Do you have cravings?” I ask.

“No. Not once,” he says simply. He goes on to say the physical detoxing becomes a spiritual and emotional detox as well.

“The funny thing about emotions: They just are,” he says, then adds, “juicing (losing weight and getting healthy) has been enlightening. It has changed me.”

“It’s a spiritual journey…” says Nolee.

I smile. Everything is a spiritual journey with Nolee.

Be Very Well, Beauties.


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