The No Caffeine Experiment – Good Sleep

Ever go without your morning beverage, only to nod off in your business meeting and develop a splitting headache? Ever think, “I’m not doing that again.” Coffee, coffee, coffee. Or tea, tea, tea. Or mate, mate. Or matcha. Black, green or any shade in between, caffeine has been my drug of choice. Is it yours?

I like it better than alcohol. Way better. It’s probably on par with chocolate. I like the lift, the clarity, the energy. I’ve always thought I’d be settling for a less dynamic life without my daily hot caffeinated beverage, even though my naturopath said, “sleep will be your new favorite drug.”

I didn’t believe her.

But then, after years of sleeping just okay, I experimented my way to her suggestion, nearly spontaneously doing without caffeine and now–I’m dreaming like a baby! I feel younger and happier and have way more energy. I flirted unmercifully with my guy just the other morning. He took a good look at me, smiled and said, “Boy you look like you got some good sleep.”

Boy, I did get some good sleep. And let me tell you why sleep is so important: Did you know sleep deprivation effects your ability to think clearly, your immune system and could make you fat? Yep, all that good exercise and food could be going to waste if you’re not getting a good 7-9 hours a night.

I forget what even made me try this experiment. I know I started playing with mint tea, laced with turmeric, stevia and almond milk, which isn’t a lot different than the Japanese Matcha (green tea powder) or the South American Yerba Mate. Well different, but still warm, creamy and satisfying.

The trend I’m noticing–playing around; experimenting. Crowd out old habits with new ones. Find your “true north” not your “oh, I could never do without that.”

Cheers Lovelies! To Good Sleep!

Love and lettuce,

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