The Count Down to Labor Day Gets Real Part 3


I was just down-dogging (a basic yoga move) my way into a delicious transformational “7 Days before Labor Day” when life went sideways. I had planned healthy meals, exercise, yoga, meditation that was supposed to get my body lean and my mind inspired–and POW!! Life happened. Exit zen. Enter evacuate.

Forest fires and shifting winds drove us out of our community and me off my healthy path. Sort of. Twenty some years ago, when I left rainy Puget Sound for the dry Central Oregon high desert, I didn’t know I was moving into wildfire territory, or that living in a place where forests burned, would turn our health-conscious, play-outside community into an air quality hazard zone. But it has. The end of a summer has been a scary and a happy series of evacu-vacations–a strange hybrid of run-for-your-health and “oh yeah we’re having a really good time.” Funny how things work out. Sort of.

Day 2 I did do yoga and meditate, but by the afternoon instead of going to the gym, I was packing up to get the two girls in my charge up to a place called Madras where the air was considered “moderate” and not “hazardous” according to the AQI website. Before I left the girls and I picked vegetables from the garden, which we ate while driving out of the smoke. The girls swam in the hotel’s pool and my former spouse and I talked about what we were going to do to keep them safe, while I texted my boyfriend about what we were going to do to get his daughter’s out.

Day 3 After talking with my boyfriend I drove back into thick smoke, picked up his daughter and her friend, then headed to Portland where the air was good and the shopping better. Road cookies, greasy Chinese stir-fry from the mall sustained us until we got to the hotel, where I promptly snagged an uncustomary but much needed couple of glasses of red wine from the hotel’s “evening reception” while the girls swam in the hotel’s pool. Once back in our room the girls dried off, played on their cell phones, and I started to drift off, thoughts running through my mind. How am I going to shift to the next level of lean with this situation? How am I going to eat and exercise my way to an inspired, lucrative life style with four girls in tow and the forest burning all around my home town? Will the envisioned healthy shift have to wait?

Day 4 Me and four girls ate at the food carts, saw the rose garden, toured the grounds of the Pittock Mansion, then shopped our way through Portland. That was their perception. Mine and my boyfriend’s: We got them out of a potential health hazard. And I STARTED EATING EGGS: Am I plant-based or aren’t I? I can’t say I feel guilt. I try to avoid that if I can. But, I feel better than I thought I would. Yet, I thought of the chickens who laid the eggs. I thought of the Earth and how there would be enough for everyone if we all were plant-based. And wondered about my future. Is this eating slip-up a fluke? Or am I falling back into the omnivore’s sugar and fat laden mediocrity? Go into it, I said to myself. Don’t judge. Sit and let the truth come.


Cheers Lovelies, to evacuating, to holding the questions anyway.

Love and lettuce,

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