Teenagers and Newborns–What’s the Difference?


When I had my second child I was thirty and decided I could choose my attitude, as far as how I felt when Lissy-newborn woke me in the middle of the night. After all that’s what babies are supposed to do, right?

So now we have teenagers–weepy, you don’t listen to me, junk food eating, eternally irritated, inflexible, PMS-ing practicing adults–what teenagers are supposed to do (be), right?

So, what if I get to choose my attitude now too? What if I’m just take myself shopping when she’s wigging out like she just swallowed a hornet? After all she’s a teenager.

What if I stop reminding her to eat her vegetables. Nobody wants to be told, let alone a moody teenager. What if I ratchet back my maternal suggestion giving monster a few notches, for the sake of my own sanity?

What if there’s nothing wrong with all the teenage angst, moodiness and poor nutrition?

What if all is as it should be? What if teenagers are simply big newborns? Irritable, rude, stinky, cute if you squint precious newborns. Sort of.

Hmmm. A worthy perspective I think: All is as it should be.

Merriest Peaceful, Accepting, Choose Your Attitude, Christmas!!

Love and Lettuce,


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