Rising in the Wee Hours: The Meditation Game Changer

For me, the energetic change of seasons is loaded with potential–whether summer to fall, or leaving one old year for a brand spanking new one!

You want one little life tweak to propel you in your own peculiar brand of “right direction?”

Get up and meditate. Seriously, I know you’ve heard it before, but like drinking more water, it’ll change everything for the better.

This is how it works for me. My meditation alarm goes off at 4:45. (My daughter gets on the school bus at 6:30.) I am usually awake anyway, but instead of laying there calling my slothy behavior “meditation” I get up, because actually meditating helps me focus enough to create a lucid, happy, creative, healthy life–the only life I want. After I gulp down a glass of kombucha water I do 20-40 minutes of yoga, then drop down onto my 80’s blue-gray circular cushion to meditate, aka sit and listen. I listen to the sounds inside my body, the sounds of my house and what’s outside. Sometimes I think I might hear existence, or God, or what might be coming around the bend. Sometimes I count my breaths or try to hear indoors and out of doors at the same time. Sometimes I watch my thoughts like a curious yogi-scientist. “Ah there’s that ridiculous regret or resentment…yet again.” Or “Ooh here come’s another persistent little bugger. Glad I don’t take THAT seriously anymore.” I watch and listen and breathe–I try to accept whatever arises. Why deny it? I’m no saint. I have a past. With meditation I’ve learned to sit, rather than knee-jerk react. And here’s a big one: I don’t believe everything I think. Yeah, sometimes I’m full of it.

After meditation I free write, trying to stay in a state of both “noticing” and “willing”–two states that for me, lead to being able to choose the life I like. With this focused and calm state of mind I plan the day, which usually includes writing, eating well, working out and taking care of my family, which I do with more ease and joy in my stable post meditative state.

Some might say: “4:45 a.m. Are you kidding me? I don’t have the time or energy for that.” Maybe you don’t…or possibly you do. Maybe you’re curious. Maybe just today, or some other day, you could “just try it on.”

But how do you actually create space for a new behavior, one which our natural tendencies (stay asleep) might resist? I decide the night before. I say: “Self, let’s just see. Why not? Try it on for one day. You can always suck the day after.”

This is what creating that “night before” intention looks like to me: I say, “Just tomorrow, when I hear my alarm, I’m going to smile and just get up and do my yoga-meditation-free writing practice.” This conscious happiness, it is what I really want for my life. I’ll say the statement in my mind ten times, and with each repetition I push down a finger to both count, and to physically embed the intention in my psyche. I whip up a “No big deal” attitude. I shrug. Because really–IT IS no big deal. Every day, we choose each behavior. Stay in bed and remain in a disintegrating rut, or get up and meditate and possibly change your life for the better! Either way it’s a choice. It’s easier and simpler than it might seem. Sort of. You only have to get past the ego, the warmth of your bed, and the beautiful human laying next to you.

Eh, what the heck. Let’s give it a whirl. Seriously, it’s only one itty bitty morning.

Cheers lovelies, to considering a new morning ritual, to rising early and choosing the day!

Love and lettuce,

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