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Rising in the Wee Hours: The Meditation Game Changer

Rising in the Wee Hours: The Meditation Game Changer

Yellow Flower Aug 2011

For me, the energetic change, moving from the play of summer into more work, cooler days and nights, and less light of fall and especially September is loaded with potential.

Main focus for September-October: 1. “Just get up.” (Meditate) 2. Whole foods only. (Nothing white)

So, I really did get up before 5:00 the alarm going off at 4:45. I was awake like I usually am, but this time I didn’t lay there calling my slothy behavior meditation. I got up to do the real thing. After 20-40 minutes of yoga I sat on my cushion to meditate, aka sit and listen. Listen to the sounds inside my body. Listen to the sounds of my house. Listen to what’s outside. Listen to existence. To God. I sometimes counts breaths. I sometimes try to listen to all things at the same time. I sometimes watch my thoughts like a curious yogi-scientist. “Ah there’s one. Ooh here come’s a persistent little bugger.” I watch and listen and breathe. That’s this sitting-meditation is going for me now.

After meditation I free write, make to-do lists and relax into “noticing” and being “willing”–two states that I think lead to an interesting and happy life.

Some might say: “4:45 a.m. Are you kidding me? I don’t have the time for that. Maybe you don’t…or maybe you do. Maybe you’re curious. Maybe today you’ll “just try it on.”

But how do you actually get up and get after it? How do you create space for a new behavior, which our natural tendencies resist: I decide the night before. I trick myself. I say: Self, let’s just see. Why not? Try it on. You can always go back.

This is what creating that “night before intention looks like to me: “Just tomorrow, when I hear my alarm I’m going to smile and just get up and do my yoga-meditation-free write practice. This is what I really want for my life.” I’ll say it in my mind, counting each statement with pushing down of successive digits. I picture it being no big deal. Because–it’s no big deal. Instead of that–this. Easy Schmeasy!

Cheers lovelies, to rising early and choosing the day!

Love and lettuce,