Plant Based Lean

Coming soon media that will illustrate how to easily eat fantastically healthy, and also a food preparation, lifestyle book that will give lifestyle tips for lasting fun and vibrant health!

So here’s my list. To be honest, each of these was practically a chapter in my life, as far as actually creating the lifestyle habits and states of thinking and feeling.


Plant-based, whole foods. No SOS (salt, oil, sugar)

2 pounds of vegetables every day.

Drink 100 ounces of water a day.

Eat only at meals, sitting down. Something like 8-12-4. Maybe one meal is “green water.” (lettuce, water, stevia leaf)

Physical Practices


Every day when I do yoga I concentrate on the feeling state of what I want to create. I’m feeling a tickle in my belly realizing I really am lean and have a life partner I love, trust and am inspired by. I’m really publishing because I feel energetic, clear-headed and walking straight towards what I desire in my life.

Most days I get to the gym and do the Stair-master and lift weights. My blood is clean and my heart is strong, beating loudly as I sweat with the exertion of my daily workouts. This is simply who I am… You get the idea. Make your own emotional visualization. Really I’m working on creating all this in my physical practices sans words. It’s hard. As a writer I think in words. But to manifest, leave the words. Think emotion. Think pictures. Think body sensations. Out of these is birthed the desires of your being.

Find YOUR ‘Why?’ Shoulds do not win the day.


Someone else’s reasons won’t keep you moving forward with a life change that will fundamentally alter how you feel about yourself. You’ve got to own this thing. I’ve fought with my own family culture-ization, ideas about who I was, what I could have and what I could experience in this life. All of that was on the line for me. My new true north meant I had to leave parts of my old beliefs beside the road. Or hold it all and let all the crazies kick and scream as I worked out, did yoga, wrote and ate just a little. My own why? It’s a spiritual experiment. I want to walk with the Divine, free and light–unencumbered.

Spiritual Practices


Journal, like pen and paper, as a self reflective writing. I write my mantra/vision statement. I vent about everything. I roll around in gratitude when I’m done. I state what I’ve done so far to get closer to my goal. Then, I look at where I’ll be in a year or ten if I succeed in doing what I’ve set out to do. I look ahead and where will I be if I give up.

Pray, as in admitting the true nature of my character deficits. As in asking for help. Yep. Change, for me, is a Divine process. Honestly The Divine is the only reason I get up some mornings and head to the gym, do yoga or ride the ‘I’m restless I want to snack’ train to fats-ville.

Make community. Your partner. Your best friend. Your co-workers.


Your FB buddies. A vegan club. Here in Bend I work out with my boyfriend. I brainstorm with my friend Richard. I talk to my friend Emmy every Friday. We text each other pictures of what the scale says; what we eat; and how we play outside.

Vegan Community Groups.

Here in Bend we have Vegnet.

Vegnet, Bend on Meet Up

Other Resources

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Seek out hypnotherapy from a skilled psychotherapist, like Emmy Eisenberg at True Happiness Hypnotherapy.

Watch motivational, informational movies. Here are some of my faves.


Forks over Knives


Super Size Me

Going Out for a Meal.

Happy Cow
Love and Lettuce,

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