Happy Habits of a Lean Vegan

Love and Lettuce Radio Show?


I’m thinking about podcasting, creating a mini internet-based radio show. (In the picture above I’m guest hosting on the All Things Vegan Radio Show.) I’m thinking short (15-20 minutes) with liberal dashes of real life humor, stirring in every day lifestyle tips for living the zen of plant-based lean lifestyle. Could podcasting be an entertaining medium to share plant-based cooking and lifestyle experiments? Would this be of value to you?

Recently I came across The New York Times Modern Love Podcast which delivers fresh and entertaining perspectives on the most compelling of human experiences–L-O-V-E! The velvet-voiced host touts–‘Stories of life, love and redemption.’ Catchy. Then after a brief summary of the current week’s essay, a famous personality reads the essay, after which a short discussion takes place either with the essay’s author or some expert who has some deeper perspective on the driving universal truth within the essay. The simple format resonates with its in-and-out concision.

It works.

This particular Modern Love podcast is worthy of passing on to you: “I Will Be Your Mother Figure” written by Episcopalian priest Rhonda Mawhood Lee, who in her essay, befriends and supports an elderly, gay parishioner. Read by actress Laura Dern.

The Modern Love podcast in general, and this essay in particular, have my idea machine racing…thinking about all the possibilities of performance art: its power to convey a social issue, a spiritual concept, or something as complex as personal transformation! Give it a listen. Imagine a future Love and Lettuce version. Then, if you’re so inclined, let me know what you think.

Cheers Lovelies: to reinvention; to showing up every day; to pondering the possibilities; to using your voice to create positive change.

Love and Lettuce,