Learning to Sleep Again

Kathryn at Crater Lake 2013
Sleep is the slimming, happy making, fountain of youth sort of activity. And, for some of us, it’s easily disrupted.

I’ve written about getting good sleep before, but what didn’t occur to me was how sideways I could get and not know that sleep deprivation was the culprit. I knew I hadn’t slept well in a while, but I was getting SOME sleep. It all started with the Flu a month or so ago, then I just kept feeling bad. I thought it was some secondary issue. You know how I figured this out? One night I went to bed feeling vaguely crappy and I didn’t wake up until the morning and I woke feeling decidedly happy!

Some of my symptoms:

Depressed, flat, tired, and yes – seriously whiney
Irritable, aggressive
Unable to concentrate
Emotional, weepy
Weight gain
Old and negative

Some ways I make sure I sleep well:

Eat 4 – 5 small meals of protein and veggies with just a little quality grain like quinoa or millet and add some quality fat like avocado.
Ridiculously reduce sugar, caffeine, alcohol and refined foods.
Before bed, take a hot bath in the evening.
Drink a relaxing herbal tea before bed with herbs like mugwart, skullcap, valerian, chamomile.
Get vigorous outdoor exercise. I love to cycle.
Do vigorous yoga in the morning.
Practice gentle yoga in the evening.
Meditate to relax and stem obsessive thinking.
Journal with honesty and candor.
Take responsibility for your part.
Stay well hydrated until an hour an a half before bed.
Use self hypnosis with positive suggestions.
Kick your child out of your bed, no matter how cute she is.
A friend of mine swears making love is the answer.
Reduce stress: make those hard decisions and let go.
And, you got it: Love like crazy!

Sweetest dreams dear ones!
Love, Kathryn


  1. Hi Kathryn! Lack of sleep can indeed disrupt your whole life. As an HSP I find I have to spend many hours decompressing in the evening in order to even get to sleep, let alone have restful sleep. I “quit” my day around 6pm, no phones, no internet. I may watch a mellow movie. I don’t eat after 4pm. I can sleep peacefully now from 8pm to 4am or 9 to 5. It took me years to find this formula.
    Thank you for sharing yours!! :)

  2. Hi Kathryn, Are you familiar with Tim Ferris and his book The 4 Hour Body? It includes a chapter on sleep and several other activities and pursuits. He has recommendations that have a lot in common with yours such as his Slow Carb Diet. He recommends a cold bath rather than a hot one (maybe more effective but less pleasant). It’s an interesting and fun book. I recommend it.

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