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Zen Plant Based Body


I’m crazy for feeling good. I’m also vain as crap and like everyone else I crave delicious food, so finding the healthy-lean-hedonist balance has been one slippery fish, yet through wild experimentation I grasped onto some delicious answers–currently an experimental combination of delicious plant-based food, playing in my body and creating new habits that have led to the body-health-life experience I’ve always craved.

Does this make sense to you? Are you plant-based, but not as healthy and lean as you’d like? I might have something for you.

When I first chose a plant-based lifestyle, it wasn’t about my compassion for animals or my need to save the planet. Going vegan was about saving, satisfying and beautifying me. The fresh fruit and vegetable lifestyle was simply the straightest path I could imagine to carnal vanity, energetic living and lucid thinking.


Do you pine after a lean, muscled, pain-free body to work or play however you please?

I did! I craved gorgeous living food, both for myself and to share with my lover, my family and my friends. I desired a lucid, razor-sharp mind, so I could frolic with my muse, writing stories that fascinate and inspire.

Do you crave for a gorgeous life experience a notch deeper? Are you willing to “try on” a new way of living in your body? Maybe this new way of living would look like cooking with vegetables you’ve never had before, in ways unfamiliar. Maybe you’d shop in a new store, farmer’s market or become a member of Community Supported Agriculture. (CSA) You game?


But where does real change begin?

A change that lasts beyond January 2nd? What is the tipping point that makes a person really commit to change that leads to a sustainable lifestyle?

I don’t know about you but desire and playing with my food only got me so far, because even though I was eating good healthy plant-based food, I was a snack-aholic, mindlessly reaching for the quick fix of whole bar of dark chocolate or the endorphin rush of chewy pizza. My whole life, I’ve felt like I was slipping down some muddy slope, like in that scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc where Harrison Ford’s character and Karen Allen’s character are arguing then suddenly get caught in a mud slide, careening down a hill on a river of mud.

Why do we sabotage ourselves?

Do you wonder too, why you can’t say no to yourself? Do you find your commitment to a healthy lifestyle ebbing and flowing? Are you looking for a deeper experience?


Choosing a healthy foods is a wonderful, and any step in the right direction is awesome, but I’ve noticed an amazingly powerful strategy that works for me. I call it my reason why.

Here’s the list.

1. Figuring out own particular reason why.–That’s where it all started to come together for me.

What is it that keeps you showing up (working out, eating well) when you don’t feel like it? A sexy body? To attract a man (woman)? To be pain free? To play with your children? To live longer? Well, none of those were enough for me. My compelling “why” was not any of those. Now I’m fascinated with the questions; to connecting with something beyond me. It looks like “I don’t know, but I’m willing.” It looks like “Help me I keep screwing this up.” It looks like “I will look at that even though I’ve turned away a thousand times.” For me it’s play, an experiment. You like to play?

2. Whole plant-based foods with no sugar, flour or oil. This part is easier than it seems. Most of the world is made of plants, so if you stay away from fake food and pick just a few basic recipes/concepts, you’ll be on your way! I’ve got a whole section on recipes and will soon have a book that makes this simple. Vegan is easy. Healthy, lean vegan–that’s a whole other pot of beans.

3. The Right Formula: Greens and vegetables, legumes and grains, fermented foods and super foods like hemp and tempeh. I’m working on a visual here.


4. Tools, Lifestyle and Daily Practices.

So along with preparing and eating whole, fresh plant-based foods, I’ve committed to developing a “drinking problem” (water, not alcohol) and every day doing “moving meditation” (yoga, StairMaster and weight training). I’m exploring the deeper questions, practices and habits of the gorgeous gurus who have done this before me, from simple tasks like organizing and making lists, to meditation and journaling. But, who can follow someone’s little list for success?

Getting lean for life is a decision, a day to day process in the beginning. A conversation we can have with ourselves and when we find success, with each other. Change isn’t easy, but, it’s possible, and I’m going to show you how I went about it.

So, this place called Loveandlettuce.com is where I’m recording what I’ve discovered through eclectic study and wild experimentation, excavating deep and honest personal truths–admitting what I find–like the difference between what I want to be true and what simply is. I’m no vegan saint, only a human who wants something more. You still with me?


You ready for change?

If you want delicious, soul satisfying food that leaves you feeling good, I might have something for you.

If you want more health, more energy, more clarity than the typical food cultural provides, I might have something for you.

If you want to lose weight and get strong, I might have something for you.

If you want to talk about the real reasons we do things, and what really leads to change, I might have something for you.

Let’s talk. Maybe we can even discuss compassion and saving the world…

A toast beauties, to a vibrantly healthy body, a deeper awareness and moving through the years joyfully and sensually.

Love and Lettuce,

Kathryn Photo by Sarah