Just Close the Fridge

Focus this week: Eat only at meals.

It’s 10 a.m. on a work day and I’m already staring into a stuffed counter top fridge for the third time this morning, which faintly reeks of pungent dairy and something indistinguishable, that if one were brave enough to investigate would likely be growing green-black fur. I’m viewing same half dozen past-their-prime items as I did the last two times I strained the sticky seal, which springs open with a cri–ee—ick of a magnetic plastic gasket pulling on metal. There’s some sliced yellow-orange cheese with darkened cracked edges in a Safeway deli bag. A lunch sized paper bag sports dark greasy stains that screams “don’t even look.” What drives me to this fridge anyway? Why after I’ve made the commitment to only eat at meals am I standing here torturing myself? That sack over there is probably Clair’s leftovers from Hola Mexican or then again maybe its Jeni’s half eaten pizza from Mondo. Ah…a pretty blue bag with a green bow—likely the best, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ever, a gift to Ryan from one of his clients. My eyes caress the bag knowing if I even peek, I’ll devour them one at a time, then claim ignorance later. Pretend you don’t see it Kathryn. That’s right keep moving. None of this is actually yours.

Are you a snacker, a grazer, a between meals taster? It seems the health and beauty stealing habit is as common as plumber’s crack on a teenage girl—or muffin-top on a forty-something. Weren’t we just telling our bestie the other day that we’re tired of the looking just “good for our age?” Didn’t we say we’re weary of “fairly healthy?” And just day before yesterday didn’t we screen shot the picture of the super strong fit legs of some gorgeous bad-ass woman? And…don’t we keep setting the same goal: “I’m a 108# shredded, rich writer beast.” Right? Didn’t we say that? Shoot that? Set that?

EAT ONLY AT MEALS. That’s the focus this week. This old snack habit should not be THAT hard to break, or the new habit of eating only at meals that big a deal to make. Right?

Yet, habits don’t change easy, even little ones like snacking. “But you eat better than anyone I know,” my friends say. And they are right…if you only count meals. Here’s the reality: Super-food meals + constant snacks = mediocre health and a bumpy belly. Simple math.

What you DON”T DO–just as essential as what you choose to DO. So in any given gorgeous day, if you want to be healthy AND leand–eat stellar life-giving whole plant-based foods…only at meals.

I close the fridge and swipe the owl shaped mug and my insulated water bottle off the break table and jog over to the reception area abd slip up to the beverage table, where I slip a tea bag into the cup and refill my water jug.

Cheers Lovelies, to closing the fridge on the old snack habit and opening (or drinking in) what we really crave!

Love and lettuce,

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