Happy Habits of a Lean Vegan

Habits That Add Up to The Life You Want to Live

Habits That Add Up to The Life You Want to Live

Every day No Matter What.

How do you even start to lose weight, get radiantly healthy or really fit?

For me right now, two deep desires get me up and inspired every day: My own version of plant-based, lean-happy and publishing my essays.

This is how I’m experimenting with making those two things happen:

Habits are tools for personal transformation. What we do every day accumulates in our skills, in our thinking, on our bodies and in our relationships.

Making money.

The Big Habits. The purpose for these habits are to give structure and direction to each day so I am doing the following:

I am eating well. (Plant based. No SOS sugar, oil, salt.)
I am exercising. (5-6 times a week, at least 40 minutes.)
I am writing. (20 hours a week.)

In the following posts we’ll take just a few zen habits at a time that make these goals possible.

Cheers lovelies, to dreams, to living the life we want.

Love and Lettuce,