Green Water–It’s the New Smoothie!

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Green smoothie frothiness, sweet, thick and nourishing. Sounds perfect, right? Well yes…Maybe, depending what you put ln it and if it’s meal replacement or an addition to a meal. Bottom line if you’re trying to lose weight, green smoothies can be a lot of calories. As we throw in hemp hearts, flax seeds and fruit there’s quite a bit of natural sugar and what’s touted as “good fat.”

While we’re on the subject of fat, even good fat, Dr. Neil Barnard of Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, a research physician who’s conducted considerable research on the positive effects of a vegan diet, strongly recommends a low-fat, whole foods vegan diet to lose weight and cure disease.

Here’s what’s become one the common sense reminders I tell myself:IF YOU CONSUME MORE CALORIES THAN YOU BURN YOU’LL LIKELY GAIN WEIGHT AND WITH THAT WEIGHT–LESSEN HEALTH. Also to lose weight you need to control blood sugar and burn more calories than you consume–that’s were the magic is.

Enter “Green Water” the green smoothie’s lean and sexy cousin. Green Water not only low in calories and full of raw whole foods, but is delicious and refreshing!


Cool Mint Green Water

A Quart and a half of filtered water
3-4 Cups Leafy greens (aka whatever you have in your garden. My favorites: Dandelions, Kale, radish greens, hemp leaves, spinach, parsley, beet greens)
1/2 teaspoon ground stevia leaf (not processed)
A dozen or so fresh mint leaves (I grow pineapple mint, peppermint, chocolate mint on my porch.)

Blend for 30-45 seconds in your Vitamix–which is A LOT of blending. Serve over ice.

Cheers Lovelies, to a lean and refreshing life!

Love and Lettuce, The Zen Lean Vegan.


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