Goal Setting Mantra


Mantra. Goal. Inspirational word picture that says what you really want.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do, be, have? Something that has nothing to do with should. Or that has everything to do with should? Are there things you used to do that you don’t now? Are there things you CAN’T do now that you wish you could? Do you want to be more fully you? What do you still want while you still can? Life is short. When will it be time? Do we really have the luxury of time?

I never thought I could get a college education. Or be in really good shape. Or get published. Or have a man like Lance. I changed. One step at a time. One day after another. One semester. One year. One degree at a time. One word at a time. One calorie at a time. One workout every day.

The Goal Sentence:SMART goal setting acronym:

This is what many of the experts recommend.

Time bound.

Specific. (Simple) Measurable. (Either the goal or the lifestyle) Achievable. (Big. Big for you. A little adjustment.) Relevant. (Does it matter to you? Or is it something you SHOULD do?) Time bound. (This is sometimes the sticky one.)


I am an inspired, 112# published writer.

I know…

Because I drink water instead of snacking…

Every day I will…

I love and accept myself…

I live…

I feel…

By June 17th, 2017…

So I’ve written a few goal sentences that incorporate all this criteria, but so far the jury’s out. The date makes me feel like I’m in a steel box in the searing sun–but maybe that’s okay. Maybe change is supposed to make us squirm. Change is not comfort.

The goal also needs to make you feel something, which is different for everybody. Concrete. Vague. Strangely, sometimes the more concrete the sentence is, the less compelling it is.

Because I drink water instead of snacking I weigh 108#.

I am a ripped, sexy plan-based vixen.

You choose.

Cheers lovelies, to carefully considered goals supported by daily habits that all add up to the life we want to live.

Love and Lettuce,

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