Everything is a Salad – “Leaning In” to the Less Full Feeling

So, this week meditate, drink and only whole foods and keep reading the rest of the list. I’m almost doing all this, but FOCUSING on the first two.

1. At 5 a.m. “Just get up.” Do yoga-meditation-free write, while drinking 24 oz. mari-water (marijuana and water no THC) and 24 oz. peppermint tea with 1/8 t stevia, ¾ t turmeric, ½ cup of almond milk. Another wake up tonic: Home brewed kombucha and a scoop of some super probiotic.
2. Whole low-fat plant-based foods (clay bowl formula aka “everything’s a salad” leafy greens; other vegetables; beans (soaked and ideally sprouted) and grain ( quinoa, oats, wild rice, amaranth, millet); supers like hemp hearts, fermented foods, nuts and seeds; and flavor like salsa, Braggs, balsamic vinegar and nutritional yeast )
3. 2 16 oz. glasses of water between meals (60 min after, 30 before next meal) and drink herbal tea at night with Lance and kids.
4. No Snacking Meditate on saying “no” to yourself. Here’s why snacking isn’t good.
5. Go to gym 5 days a week.

I’ve been sitting, breathing and listening (aka meditating) consistently for days now and the first two in the list below are going pretty well, and meditation has put some octane power in my “chooser.” One thing I’m doing, is just a little at a time. This week really digging into whole foods, that means no sugar, no extracted oils–HUGE. HUGE. HUGE!! Frigging best thing you can do for your health. I do go astray a bit with dried fruit, and though it does jack you around a little, it is seriously seems waaay better. REFINED SUGAR IS THE DEVIL! I’m noticing less inflammation, even when I’m doing the a lot of fruit, which I keep hearing isn’t good for controlling blood sugar and insulin. I am not diabetic though, and actually don’t think I’ve ever had blood sugar issues that weren’t from eating too much sugar or not drinking enough water.

You heard of “leaning in?” Brendon Brazier talked a bit about the concept in his books and on his site in reference transitioning to a plant based diet. I’m going to use “leaning in” to playing with feeling of eating lighter and the feeling of being less full, because these foods are less dense, less saturated. You will feel less “eh” and maybe a little more “oh” if you take notice. It’s kind of like meditating when you “watch” your thoughts, but instead “watch” the sensations in you body, “lean into” that slightly “different” or ” less satisfied” feeling of eating without extracted oils or flour or sugar. You might find it actually feels better and you’re more satisfied than you realized.

Cheers lovelies, and leaning towards you! You can do this!

Love and lettuce, Kathryn

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