Day 1 Count Down to Labor Day Part 2

I’ve only got a few minutes this morning, with Houston flooding (blessings family) and Bend burning. So anyway, I started this countdown to labor day, yesterday, with yoga and meditation (More later on meditation. For now just sit tall, make your face soft, close your eyes and simply watch your thoughts without judging them as good or bad.) Seriously, any transformation gets a huge boost from meditation, which shifts you, gets you right with yourself, right with your goals and maybe closer to a higher power (whatever that is for you).

After yoga and meditation, I ate well and planned meals for rest of my day.


I always eat breakfast and it’s often a formula of greens or vegetables, some fresh fruit and about 1/3 a cup of old fashioned oats soaked for 10 minutes in boiling water. Then I usually top that with freshly ground flax seed (1-2 tablespoons depending on how active I am going to be) or hemp hearts (1-2 tablespoons depending on how active I am going to be) (or both). Then sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and raisins. This can have a lot of calories if you put on too much of the flax, the raisins or the hemp. The trick here is to burn more calories than you consume. I let this motto be my true north, and not throw nutrient dense food on willy nilly. All those macro nutrients (fat, carbs and protein i.e. calories) would pile up on my belly, making me fat and unhealthy. You CAN have too much of a good thing!


I take lunch to work with me nearly always.

I took enzymes on an empty stomach to reduce inflammation (a flipping miracle, more on this later) and probiotics and drank A LOT of water, like a gallon.

Sorry if there’s typos. I may evacuate my family today.

A toast lovelies, to doing what is good for us, even if life isn’t perfect!

Love and Lettuce,

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