Countdown to Labor Day: 7 Days of Lean Vegan Part 1


Labor day feels like the end of summer, the time when the cooler shorter nights whisper, “It’s time to go back to work,”–time to remember the dreams you were working towards, dreams you laid down for a time because instead you were paddling mountain lakes, or riding dusty trails or hiking into a lake with no name, hidden in a place called Broken Top.

The pedestrian golden flowers on our front porch look weary of putting out, indeed seem ready to call it a summer. The cats are restless, scampering across our bed and yowling in raspy voices just before dawn. Even the big cottonwood behind the house rustles more persistently, a higher pitched friction, dry, ready to let go.

“It’s time,” the land and animals whisper. “It’s time.”

But, what is it time for? Maybe to open to possibility? To smile in gratitude perhaps? How about to ride the wave of golden light and golden leaves–let the transition of fall show us our truer nature, back in line with the pursuit of our dreams, and simply getting life done. How about a leaner, stronger body; or a lucid, ready for action mind–both of which lead us to a more creative, more productive way of living.

I say yes! These next seven days that march right up to the door of labor day, I’m going to prepare my body and mind for the fall; for the glories of September, the very best month of the year! And when I get to that door I’ll be lean, bright and shiny–ready!

Ready and willing.

A toast lovelies, to transition, to getting ready for what the land, the time, the animals and even the creator might have for us.

Love and Lettuce,

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