Breakfast Isn’t the Only Option

The first belief I’d like to question is that we should never skip breakfast.

So I’m not eating breakfast these days, at least like I used to. I’m not immediately feeding at 5:30 a.m., which is when I usually get out of my warm bed and start my day. Instead, I’m waiting until 10:00 a.m., hours after I wake, which is flies in the face of the “eat breakfast-steady burn” way of thinking. It’s always seemed to me that those early morning calories don’t count, like I’d simply plow through that early fuel as I moved through my day, yet the lived experience is I’ve maintained an unwanted ten or so extra pounds.

So, I’m playing with waiting to eat and I will tell you, since it’s 9:45 a.m. and the only things I’ve ingested are water, mate tea, coffee and diluted greens and water—I’m frigging hungry. My belly is growling and my brain has gone all spacey-cotton-y on me, which seems to also go against that “listen to your body” wisdom. I should eat, right? And why would I take on this masochistic endeavor anyway? To lose weight possibly? Yeah, that’s definitely part of it for me. You see this beautifully fit man lays next to me at night and a gorgeous square-necked, body-hugging yet lady-like, gray and copper lace dress hangs in my closet, and that that little honey whispers as I walk by “you’d look amazing in me at the wedding in October.”

It’s more than that though. As I’ve gotten through a series of weight-loss hypnosis sessions, which has been more about removing barriers and emotional healing by the way, I’ve realized adjusting lifestyle habits and beliefs about food is an essential part of this lean-beautiful equation. Since my sessions with Emmy I am feeling all worthy and happy, but there’s more than a good emotional-mental state that results in a lean fit body: I still need to choose this thing. Every day I need to choose to eat less and move more, until a bunch of days pile up…and voila I’m ten pounds leaner!

So, today I’m about two weeks into a simple practice called intermittent fasting. I simply eat between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Three meals: 10:00ish, 2:00ish and 6:00ish. Not a big departure for some, but for me, one who tends to eat like a bird—nearly constantly—it’s huge.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even live longer. It’s believed that reduced calorie consumption extends life.

Maybe I’ll have less inflammation. It makes sense to me. Who knows all the benefits I could reap?

A water-tea-coffee-wheatgrass-kombucha (anything under fifty calories) toast, to questioning conventional wisdom, to finding our own way, to listening to a desire deeper than physical hunger.

Love and lettuce,

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