I am a writer. In a world of instant messaging and texting, I ponder. I grope. I dig for the gold in every day experiences. I hope to inspire in a way the reader says, "Yes! I get that. I've felt that. That makes sense to me." I hope to help people see life, with themselves as powerful creators of their experience. "Life happens not TO you, but THROUGH you," some wise person once said. I also hope to make you laugh, make you think, then hopefully act in a way that serves you well, on your path to a happy, healthy, long, long life. With this perspective, I am available for eulogy writing, end of life memoir, and biography writing. If you would like help, I am here. I want to help you leave an inspiring legacy. Everybody has a story. You have a story. Email me at Kathryn@loveandlettuce.com