Affirmations –The Making of a Life

20150801_070136_NE Mays Ave

What I tell myself: a mantra; an affirmation; a positive statement; my descriptive, emotional goal; my desire; a new frame; The Secret; the power of attraction;

How about this: What’s simply true.

Every day I choose. I commit all the way. I get up early and do my yoga. I write and check my stocks. I push past the small niggling pettiness of “just a little bit” or “just a little longer” our “it’s a special occasion” or “everybody eats this way” and move into my truer nature: Lean. Strong. Moving light and happy through this world.

Then: secure; at peace; …in love.

I tell the truth, the real deep down, for reals truth, about food, about money, about love…about everything and anything that matters. To me.

Just opening to the possibility. Smiling into the unfolding. Living. Choosing. Taking. Giving.

A toast beauties—to life affirming, peace-giving, creative whispers—that birth the desires of the soul.


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