When I first chose a plant-based lifestyle, it wasn’t about my compassion for animals or my need to save the planet. It was about saving and satisfying my own self. Choosing a vegan lifestyle was the straightest path I saw to carnal joy and vanity.

I craved delicious, feel-good food.

I needed a lucid, razor-sharp mind to plan and create.

I required a pain-free energetic body to work however I wanted, to play in any manner I chose and devour whatever sensual experience I could imagine.

I desired a sexy, lean-muscle, oh-she’s-hot, I want to “do” her body.

My desire for a gorgeous life experience is deep. A whole foods plant-based diet is my chosen vehicle. This place Loveandlettuce.com/Hedonistvegan.com is the place I’m recording what I’ve discovered through eclectic study and wild experimentation.

If you want delicious food that leaves you feeling good, I might have something for you.

If you want more health, more energy, more clarity than the typical food cultural provides, I might have something for you.

If you want to lose weight and get gorgeous, I might have something for you.

Let’s talk. Maybe we can even discuss compassion and saving the world…

A toast beauties, to a vibrantly healthy body, a deeper awareness and moving through the years joyfully and sensually.

Love and Lettuce,

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