Like Water for…Muffin-top?


I’m a compulsive snacker, especially as I’m making holiday goodies. And that sometimes gets me cushier than I’d like to be.

This time of year especially, my finger goes to wagging: You missed your last workout, Kathryn dear. The between meal “little bits” have piled up like falling snow, making your belly look an aweful lot like (Jaws shark music here)…muffin top!!

Eek!! I wake in the dark early morning hours, shaking my head and making requests of my celestial Genie: Flatter belly please. Just ten pounds lighter? And remind me to eat only when I’m sitting down–not standing at the break table or grazing through the Costco Sunday buffet!

Then I thought: Could I be thirsty, not hungry? Could it be that simple?

I see my lean, fit friends with their water bottles. My sexy yogi friend Clair chugs from a giant white Hydroflask with a travel sticker from South Africa. Very cool. My ripped guy Lance always sets his hydrating, sparkling glass of water on the floor, beside the bed. Hmmm.

How about trading that muffin-top producing snack compulsion for a water habit? Would it make a difference? It’s a start. It can’t hurt. Just the opposite: Pure water is simply a life giving necessity. Every cell requires it. Organs need water to function. The brain shrinks with even mild dehydration. Low blood pressure, constipation, false hunger, lack of clarity–all can be symptoms of inadequate hydration.

Also, drinking water could be a snack replacement; a consumption activity without the calories! And I could add some lemon, or green tea or even chickpea miso!

Now drinking more water isn’t some panacea for all that ails you, and you can over do water consumption, but for most of us, I think there’s a sweet spot a little further from where we are.

I do have a Hydroflask, from when I volunteered for Tedx or one of those cute canning jars that used to hold Grandma Ramona’s jelly!

That’s it! Muffin top out. Water in!

I haven’t told anything you don’t already know. It’s true. Maybe I’m just reminding myself, thinking up easy ways to be healthier and more beautiful and have more clarity and inspiration. Maybe I’m thinking my every-woman, regular folk kind of story, can awaken a life changing “ah-ha” that creates a shift for you, or someone. You never know when that magic moment will happen, or what will trigger it.

Cheers lovelies, lifting my water glass, my water bottle, my canning jar AND my Hydroflask high! To our capacity to make little changes, that somehow add up to a life we love.

Love and lettuce,

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Practicing for Thanksgiving


Vegan Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie!

Try it with kobocha squash, maple syrup and Ener-g egg replacer. Easy peasey to make plant-based deliciousness!!

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The Eclectic Salad

Ecclectic Salad

What happened to be in my fridge:

A foundation of fresh organic greens
A little chick pea salad with dill
Sweet purple potatoes
Lance’s tomatoes from the garden
Italian black rice (chewy and sweet)
Maybe a spicy falafel patty

An organic dill pickle on the side, for good digestion.

How about a drizzle of balsamic vinegar?

Then throw on as many beautiful pumpkin seeds as your heart desires!

A toast beauties, to making a nutritious, sexy meal with what you happen to have hanging around!

Love and lettuce,

P.S That jar of yummyness there? I just followed a pico de gallo recipe (about 2 cups) then just blanched 2 cloves of garlic and 1 medium carrot, whirled the whole thing in the food processor with 2/3 cup of mustard. Holy moly, it reminded me of the habanero mustard sauce I had in St. Thomas!

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A Philosophy Conversation: The Rope and the Snake

In The Cemetary

Good morning Beauties!

Most of you know I’m eternally-learning, still getting my bachelors for a decade now. This term I’m taking a philosophy class, where we’re studying different ways people in Southeast Asia view the world, existence and God. Fascinating. What you see below I posted on the Asian Thought discussion board, and as I did so, it struck me that this conversation continues today. In fact just the other day, me and that guy texted about a branch of this topic. This 2,000 year-old conversation continues. Or is it a 200,000 year-old conversation?

My instructor’s question followed by my answer:

Question: What is Shankara (Hindu guru, 868 A.D.) in his Crest-Jewel of Discrimination trying to tell us with “The Snake and the rope?”

Answer: “The metaphor of the rope and the snake seem important to Shankara, as he mentions it in various places within the text. So, an individual sees a snake and is understandably frightened, because the snake can do harm. Fear is necessary for survival in order to avoid harmful or potentially fatal elements. That works. Then the story continues. Later that same person comes across a rope, and sees it as a snake and has the same fear response. This is a problem, and one Shankara sees as a major obstacle to finding freedom and illumination and becoming one with Brahman, the Ultimate Reality: This superimposing of a memory (illusion) on the current reality. Shankara is giving a concrete, visual representation of a mind-state which causes the seeker to live in Maya, the chaotic illusion that is this world. Shankara seems to be inviting: “Come walk with me, but see that pile of rope for what it is–a pile of rope.”

A kombucha, wheat grass toast lovelies…to seeing what is…to shrugging off our misperceptions…to laughing at our fears, or at least not letting them coerce us into doing something stupid…or unkind.

Love and lettuce,

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The Unstoppable Oatmeal

20150921_065750_NE Carrie Ln

Dandelion greens
Hemp hearts

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Plant-based Sushi


Brown and black rice
Rice vinegar
Beet greens
Roasted garlic hummus

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Barbequed Kohlrabi

20150820_175239_NE Carrie Ln

Brush with avocado oil. Sprinkle with Spike seasoning. Cut into fries. Dash on Bragg’s nutritional yeast. Dip in hummus.

Enjoy Beauties!

Love (and lettuce),

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Maple Walnut Squash

20150820_183711_NE Carrie Ln

Any squash
Real maple syrup
Hemp hearts

Viola! Delicious nutritious dessert!

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Italian Dandelion


Isn’t she pretty? And so good for you!

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The Good Life


A gift from my beautiful friend Heidi! A bountiful bouquet of delicious life affirming, health infusing goodness!

A toast beauties: to green gardens; to good friends; to warm summer evenings chatting at sunset; to gazing west, beyond the cows and chickens, to the rich golden pink sunset, tinged with the sooty smoke of a wildfire. Then, with a rich, zesty, satiny glass of Amarone red wine in hand, I smile into my friend’s blue eyes, satisfied at what my life has become.

Love and lettuce,

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