Affirmations –The Making of a Life

20150801_070136_NE Mays Ave

What I tell myself: a mantra; an affirmation; a positive statement; my descriptive, emotional goal; my desire; a new frame; The Secret; the power of attraction;

How about this: What’s simply true.

Every day I choose. I commit all the way. I get up early and do my yoga. I write and check my stocks. I push past the small niggling pettiness of “just a little bit” or “just a little longer” our “it’s a special occasion” or “everybody eats this way” and move into my truer nature: Lean. Strong. Moving light and happy through this world.

Then: secure; at peace; …in love.

I tell the truth, the real deep down, for reals truth, about food, about money, about love…about everything and anything that matters. To me.

Just opening to the possibility. Smiling into the unfolding. Living. Choosing. Taking. Giving.

A toast beauties—to life affirming, peace-giving, creative whispers—that birth the desires of the soul.


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An Ordinary Day


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Weed Smoothie – Wishing with Lucky Clover!

20150723_080342_NE Mays Ave

My first clover smoothie!

Clover blossom and greens

20150723_081135_NE Mays Ave

Blend on high in my Vitamix about 15-20 seconds. Drink all day and feel fantastic!

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Breakfast at Grandma’s

20150708_083911_Bainbridge Loop NE

My ten year-old daughter Sarah and I are on the road, on our way to the San Juan’s for a week-long “Kumbaya” kind of family camp. We stopped at Grandma Marjie’s for a visit and brought our healthy food with us.

“I’ll make breakfast Mom,” I call from the bathroom.

“Sounds great Sweetie!” She says while sipping her morning, black coffee. So I proceed to whip up the greens, oats and chia, topped with hemp and vegan protien and rice milk. Then I slipped in a cup matcha-infused dragonwell tea, which I laced with frothy rice milk.

Woohoo: The good life!!

Love that she’s open to my silly food!

Cheers lovelies,
to living well while traveling!

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Eating My Weedies!

20150527_082002_NE Carrie Ln

Fresh filtered water 2-3 cups
A bosc pear
Some dandelions from my back yard
A gripful of barley or wheat grass (pre-blended with water and stained)
A handful of frozen berries
A bunch of parsley
A little nib of ginger

Blend all lovely ingredients for 30 seconds on high, pour into a glass, then drink–for a light natural high. (Be careful with the amount of grass. Whew!)

Green smoothies made from foraged weeds, are becoming a mainstay for me. This is a seriously creative fun way to live.

A toast beauties, to health! To living outside the box! To seeing the wealth around us! To questioning! To love!


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Fit Feels


“Nothing tastes as good as fit feels.”

I like this. This little inspirational quote was up on the white board at the gym where my boyfriend works out, and where he coaches me on Wednesday mornings–one of the best parts of the week. (Smile) We looked at the saying a few days back, and we pondered its meaning as we worked our leg biceps and crunched our quads.

I wonder: Is that really true? As I type here and munch away on my homemade chocolate-flax-vegan-protein-powder cookie, I think this little nugget just might be true. Fit just might feel better, than this cookie tastes. Maybe. It’s not like I can’t have ONE of these, then eat a little less later, right? Being fit isn’t about eternal deprivation, right?

I think being fit is pure, hedonistic joy. THINK. I’d actually like to FEEL this. A plump, protruding abdomen–eh, not so much. But, how do I know “fit feels” at a deeper feeling that leads to the action of conscious eating? Sometimes I feel just so darned weak-willed. And, I make the most delicious things on the planet!

The boyfriend-coach says just keep building muscle, keep eating and the whole thing will work itself out. Hmmm… For now, I’m trying that.

Just thinking.
Be well beauties.

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My Enduring Feel-Good Hobby


It’s been three years since I first contracted the Kombucha bug, and I’ve hardly glanced back. Instead, it’s been a constant fascination and evolution of process and product, that never ceases to intrigue me: I keep brewing! I keep tweaking the recipe! I keep “throwing back” (drinking with gusto) bottle after bottle!

When I’m feeling “off,” I swig a little shot of the bitter, effervescent, amber elixir and somehow I become as right as rain. Ph? Flora? A little alcohol? Not sure, and nearly impossible to test.

I just feel pretty darned fine!

A toast: to finding our own groovy place, that thing that just works, the hobby that satisfies.

Love and lettuce,

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Wisdom of Retreat


So, if retreating is a natural thing we humans do, could we fashion a more elegant, mindful way of living its truth?

I’ll be right back.
Smile. Touch. I’m going to the park to huck my disc. I’ll be right back.
Hey Sweetie. I’m going to go write for a while. I’m in my office if you need me.
Acknowledge the other’s funk and smile, kiss and know it’s not about me.

What about every day connection?

I’m going to lie on the couch. Want to join me?
Come over and crawl in bed with me.
I need you. Where are you? I’m on my way.
I have a problem with my sink. Will you come take a look?

Still learning. Still loving. Still experimenting.

A toast to love.

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At the Edge: A Father’s Advice

Yoga on the beach 2015

Getting my infusion of fatherly wisdom, both from my Step-father Tom and my lover’s dad Richard. This morning feels like a collision with the Divine.

Tom cheered for me in his simple, calm fatherly ways. Richard, like Richard is, was inspired and energetic and ready to infuse me with new ways of thinking.

Richard and I talked about coming to our edges, and becoming more alive, as a way of life. (It all comes down to exercise with Richard.) “Sustaining and Embracing a Mindful Edge,” he thoughtfully tries out. (Hmmm…I nod.) “Surrendering and Reverence to the Edge,” Richard experiments again and decides he likes that one. Richard goes on to speak of restoration and a recreation of the soul and recreating life itself–through physical practice. “Let go,” he says. “Surrender. Breathe. Gather. Nurture. Get ready. Move. Express. Then move onto your stage of life!” he says triumphantly. “Mindfully moving to your edge,” he continues. “Mindful meditation at the edge. Let go. Surrender. Recreate.”

Richard invited me to go to some edge today, in some way. I told him a story of how I went to an emotional-spritual edge just yesterday with his son. And, I agreed, it was a deeply enlivening creation-recreation-restoration experience.

I imagined for a time while he spoke and then after I hung up the phone, what this edge concept really looked like. I can bring up in my mind’s eye, being at the edge of cardio exhaustion, or being at the edge of muscle failure, or sitting at the edge in a yoga asana, as deep as I can go (safely)–all at the edge of what I can do that particular day. And at those moments I imagine drifting into my core and meditating on this new place I’ve come to, and then maybe letting that physical creation energy flow into the rest of my life, possibly into my relationship or my work–my writing! It’s all connected, right?

Interesting morning, especially in light of the conversation I had with his son just yesterday.

Thank you Tom, for your gentle openness today. Thank you Richard for your big, physical bits of soul wisdom. Thank you Divine, for what you’re revealing to my body, my soul and my life!

Blessings from the Edge!

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Twenty Minutes No Matter What

2012-06-16 13.19.39

“Twenty minutes no matter what,” my very fit friend says in response my question.

“Cardio, you’re talking,” I clarify, because I can’t imagine this man ever doing just twenty minutes of exercise. He’s confessed recently to usually getting in five to six, three-hour workouts per week–more than I usually work.

“Yep,” he says. It’s simple for him. Well, sort of.

“Even if you don’t feel well?” I venture, thinking of all the reasons I sometimes come up with for not working out.

“Well, I figure I showed up, you know? So, I just ride the bike; walk the treadmill; climb the stair-stepping machine–whatever. I make it my rule, then at the end of twenty minutes, if I’m not feeling it, I stop. Usually once I warm up, I’m more energized and getting into a groove. Most of the time I’ll knock out another twenty or more minutes of cardio, especially if there’s a good movie playing on the big screen in the cardio room, or I’ll head right into my lifting-cross-fitness routine.”

“What motivates you to get in there? To keep going?” I’ve always wondered this: Why do some of people succeed at this whole fitness-health thing, and others just don’t?

“It’s my thing. I feel fantastic as I’m doing it. I love to feel strong.” This seemed an oversimplified explanation of his fifteen to eighteen hour-a-week habit, so I asked another very fit, exercise-as-second-job, female this time.

“Is this kind of commitment/compulsion a replacement for anything?”

“You mean like alcohol or sex?” she smiles.

“Yeah, like that” I whisper. Interesting…. but kind of a side note. Or maybe not. If you’re going to be addicted to something…

Now, another co-worker power-lifts and he recommended just adding dead-lifts and squats to my routine, in this case, in order to lose weight.

So, I’ve always wanted to lose ten pounds, and as I’ve conversed with these and other male bodybuilders, they’ve all said the same thing: Muscle actually pushes out the fat. Gain a little muscle and you WILL lose weight.

I will have to say I was skeptical, but who can argue with success? My male friends do look pretty damn good. And, with that increased muscle they huck a disc (disc golf) like crazy.

So, I worked out a couple of times with that first, off-beat fitness guy, though I will have to say, I was initially intimidated: Me a cushy novice; He a ripped and seasoned hard-body.

The results: Nearly immediate! I felt stronger. Within two sessions, people were asking what I was doing. I felt stronger. I felt the possibility growing inside me, along with the muscle.

Then, I wondered: Could this improve my disc golf game? Could I ache less? Would I be more resistant to injury in yoga?


So, maybe START with twenty minutes no matter what: Then feel the strength; see the emerging curves; embrace the niggling inspiration; enjoy the pain-free joints…and who knows what’s next?

Maybe that book?

A toast beauties. I’m lifting my ten-pound barbell overhead, and imagining all that building muscle can bring us.

Love and Lettuce,

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